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The metamorph command is used to change shape:

  metamorph <animal>
Use the return command to return to your original shape.

Upon becoming a hero (level 21+) characters gain the ability to choose to take the Istar Quest, and seek immortality. The first step of this involves the apprentice levels known as metamorph levels. At the levels of shapechanger (21) and metamorph (22), the character can only gain experience while in the form of an animal.

The animals which the player may become are dependent on both his level and his alignment. For example, a good player of level 22 can metamorphose into an eagle.

  > metamorph eagle
  > return
Each metamorph form has unique advantages and disadvantages over the others, and the metamorph form does not retain any of the skills of the character in his normal form, nor do spells cast upon the normal form carry over to the metamorph. Metamorphs are also unable to bash doors.

Note, that in order for any experience or travel points gained while in metamorph form to be saved, you must return to your normal form. However, any gold or equipment carried by the metamorph form will be dropped upon return.

Metamorphs have no autowimpy mode, but can flee manually if they choose.

Beornings can also metamorphose into a Bear (see help bears for more information).


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