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The command time gives the approximate current "game time". This can only be guessed at without a clock, and only if you are outside.

Certain things in the game depend on this particular notion of time; the opening hours of the shops, for example.

The command also gives you the current real time (Coordinated Universal Time) and when the last reboot was and the reason for it.

Note that one "tick" is one game hour, and there is usually around a minute between ticks; i.e. MUME time runs 60 times faster than real time). While there may be some time drift on MUME, the following relations approximately hold:

1 hour 1 minute
1 day 24 minutes
1 week ~3 hours (168 minutes)
1 month 12 hours (all MUME months have 30 days)
1 year 6 days (a MUME year only has 360 days)
60 boffins 1 boffin (for some unit "boffin")

MUME's time starts in the year 2850 of the Third Age, as Gandalf entered Dol Guldur and retrieved the key to the Lonely Mountain from Thráin II. The MUME time is occasionally reset to this date, most recently (for the tenth time) on February 1, 2018.

See also: DAY, MONTH, TICK

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