Date:Sat Apr 10 14:04:47 1999
Your class is decided from what you practice. If you prac a lot of warrior or
thief skills, you will be a very bad cleric/mage; if you practice a lot of
spells, your hit points and melee skill will decrease.

Guildmasters will teach you until you know as much as they do, instead of doing
so until you become as proficient as them. In other words, if you are half
blind, you will never be able to master tracking, no matter how hard you try;
in the opposite case, you might become better than your teacher.

If you ask a guildmaster about a skill or spell he teaches, he will tell you
what abilities are required to master it: for example, if you ask Erestor
"help store", he'll tell you that "a brilliant mind and deep insight are

Guildmasters will also advise you on the likely results of studying a skill or
spell: they may suggest you learn some more, or that you will never be able
to use the skill efficiently. Type "prac" inside the guild to read the advice.

The format of the list of skills you get with the "practice" command has
changed a lot from MUME VI.

First of all, in a guild you will be shown all the skills that you could
learn if you were accomplished in that field. For example, a level 20 will
be able to practice 'fireball', even if his intelligence is low and he has
not practiced any other spell before; however, he will be unable to use that
spell. The guildmaster will warn you about it, though -- see below.

Here is a possible outcome of the "practice" command used at a guild.

You have 62 practices left.
The Knight can teach you any of these skills:
                   Sessions Knowledge Difficulty  Advice
bash                  0/42      0%    Hard        Learn it or not, your choice
parry                15/28     40%    Normal      Hard to improve
slashing weapons      5/28     26%    Normal      Learning more could help you

In order, each line contains:

- The name of a skill or spell known by the guildmaster: for example, slashing.

- The number of sessions you spent on it (5), and the maximum number of
  sessions you can learn at this guild (28).

- Your overall efficiency at using this skill "on the field" (26%). This figure
  takes count of your stats and your expertise in related skills, and is the
  one that should interest you most. Efficiency in a given skill grows much
  when you practice it; it grows a little when you practice related skills,
  and it can decrease if you spend much time learning unrelated skills.
  Remember that, in MUME VII, a 50% efficiency is usually worse than a 50% in
  MUME VI; a 90% efficiency is usually better than a 90% in MUME VI.

- How hard it is, on average, to learn this skill, compared to other skills
  of the same class. For example, "bash" is harder to learn than "slash":
  it takes more practice sessions to master it.

- Lastly, some advice from the guildmaster. The current possibilities are:
  "You stopped training in this"    -  See the "train" command
  "You know as much as I do"        -  Time to seek a better guildmaster
  "You should be teaching me!"      -  You already found a better guildmaster
  "You reached your current limit"  -  You will be able to prac more next level
  "You really aren't suited"        -  No matter how much you prac, you will
                                       never be able to master this skill
  "Really too inexperienced"        -  Gain a lot more levels, or practice a
                                       lot more related skills
  "You are too inexperienced"       -  Gain a few more levels, or practice more
                                       related skills, before learning this
  "I can't teach you enough"        -  You are too low level, or your stats
                                       are too low, for you to be able to use
                                       this skill if you learn it here
  "Need to learn a lot more"        -  You need to spend several more sessions
                                       before the skill becomes usable
  "Need to learn some more"         -  You need to spend a couple more sessions
                                       before the skill becomes usable
  "Very hard to improve"            -  It'll take a lot of prac sessions to
                                       improve your efficiency noticeably
  "Hard to improve"                 -  It'll take some prac sessions to
                                       improve your efficiency noticeably
  "Learning more could help you"    -  Spending another session would improve
                                       your efficiency noticeably
  "Easy to improve"                 -  Spending another session would improve
                                       your efficiency a lot
  "Takes a long time to learn"      -  Two or three pracs won't be enough to
                                       be able to use this skill
  "Takes some time to learn"        -  Two or three pracs are needed to be
                                       able to use this skill
  "You could learn easily"          -  You have natural talent for this skill
  "Learn it or not, your choice"    -  None of the above applies

When you type "practice" outside of a guild, the output will be almost as in
MUME VI. The only differences are:

- The command displays your MUME VII overall efficiency instead of your
  MUME VI knowledge of the single skill;

- The meaning of the words used to describe your ability is slightly changed,
  for example "Excellent" means 90% to 100% efficiency, while "Superb" is
  reserved for the true masters of a skill;

- An asterisk after the skill name means that you're not training in it anymore
  (see the TRAIN command). For example:

    Cure light           * Superb     Normal     Cleric       10, Very short