New command: TRAIN

Date:Sat Apr 10 14:05:46 1999
You can now train a skill or spell anywhere, in order to prevent its decay.
For example:

>train climb

If you have time to spare, you can refresh all the skills that need it:

>train all

Lastly, you can decide you want to stop training in a certain skill; you
will still be able to use it, but it will slowly decay. This is useful to
partially decay certain "must-use" skills:

>train off dodge

If you later "train dodge", "train on dodge", "prac dodge" or "learn dodge",
you will resume training in the skill, and it won't decay anymore (if you
keep using it, that is).

Skills in which you are not training anymore are marked by an asterisk in
the practice list:

Skill / Spell          Knowledge  Difficulty Class      Mana Casting time
Cure light           * Superb     Normal     Cleric       10, Very short
                Not refreshed