Mammoth and the black many-tailed whip

Date:Fri Nov 9 13:59:44 2001
Recently, Mammoth was caught abusing a bug with the black many-tailed whip.
This bug allowed the user of the whip to keep a victim perpetually entangled,
with (in most cases) no chance of escape.

Please take note of the first lines of "RULES ABUSE":  In general, activities
which take advantage of game features and the limitations of the code to
produce impossible results or make people do unlikely things are illegal.

Since there was no doubt in our minds that Mammoth was aware of the buggy
nature of the whip, and abused it, he was demoted 5 levels and all of his
warpoints were removed for this infraction.  It is not acceptable to abuse
bugs in the code for your own personal gain.

Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.