Re: Sauron's List, and Pasha et. al.

Date:Tue May 7 14:49:22 2002
As a clarification to post 1845 this extends to non-pk behavior that has become
all too common. Example include the creation of 'throw-away-characters' to
harass people in towns (make them loose citizenship/alignment and similar
annoying factors), abuse of steal and so on. While not explicitly stated in the
rules such behavior may result in punishment to characters which did not 
partake in such activity. Such punishment can include (and is not limited to)
the lost of all characters you play. 

Essentially, this notice serves to inform you that Mume justice is not a
formal 'legal' system where technicalities can be used to excuse your behavior.

If you are in doubt if your actions falls into this category then do everyone a
favor and refrain from such actions.

In a nut shell we do not enjoy having to police people. In addition to being
unpleasant it presents an enormous waste of time, effort and resources.