Grouping, prompts and players

Date:Sat Jul 27 10:09:37 2002
A few small changes:

- Group leaders can now transfer leadership to another group member.
  Example:     group Someone transfer
  You cannot transfer leadership to a mob or to someone who is not a member
  of your group.

- When a group leader dies, leadership is transferred automagically to
  the next player in the group.

- There is a new prompt option, "weather". If you are outdoors and the sky
  is not clear, this will show in your prompt next to the "light" symbol.
  Use "prompt weather" to toggle this option. See "help weather" for the
  meaning of the symbols displayed.

- The prompt is a little more compact (no more spaces between R W S C).

- There are a few more options for the "who" command. Type "who ?" to get
  the full list.