Freeze update

Date:Sat Mar 8 11:01:14 2003
If you have link freeze problems, these are probably true for you:
 - you connect through ADSL
 - you use windows.

You can fix the problem my reducing your MSS & MTU. This needs to be done in
the registry. If you don't know how to do this, ask someone who does.
Some descriptions:

Windows 95/98: (and probably SE/ME/whatever too)

 Run REGEDIT from the Run line of the Start Menu. Use the Find function and
 look for this key:

 Change  DefaultMSS to 1412

Just changing MSS might be enough, try that first.

  Now look for this key:

This key probably will have two or more subkeys, probably numbered
(such as 0001, 0002 and so on). Each subkey is associated with a
different TCP binding. Find the subkey that refers to the network card
that communicates with the cable modem before you make any changes. To
do this, look at the values in each key.

Add or edit the MaxMTU value. To create it, choose New, then String
Value, and change the Value data to 1452.

Windows 2000:;en-us;q120642

look for MTU - you want to set it to 1452.

- Ilie

And possibly also 

Set MTU to for example 1412.