Re: Client use ban

Date:Tue Apr 1 03:21:18 2003
For our younger player base:

cl13N+ u53 84N

f0LL0w1n9 @ l0N9 HI5t0Ry of CLIEn+ a8u5e And 0ph +3H @Pp@R3N+ Di$B4l4ncE
proVidEd 8y 3vEN L39iTiM@tE cLIent u5E, We h4V3 cOm3 tO +Eh FolL0W1NG 

IT 1$ NOw ilL394L +O U53 4nY MuD cL1EN+ For Pl4YIN9 Mume.

THE only ExC3pt1On: J00 M@Y USe cl1ENt5 45 4 9oD, 51nC3 W3 reco9N15E +h4+
+h3$3 PR0ViD3 +h3 ($o PH4r) nEc3$54rY c4p@b1l1TY of L0c4l eD1t1Ng.

+h15 d3C15i0n 903$ 1Nto 3phPHECT 1n 24 hour5 fROM ThE t1ME 0ph +hi$ pOS+. @+
tHI5 +iM3 T3h JMc LinK 0n f1R3.pVV.0rG'$ H0MeP493 WIll b3 Di5@BLEd. PL4Y3r$
wHo53 4cc0unt5 h4v3N'+ 8eEn LO993d on w1thiN 23 h0URS fR0M THE tIM3 oF +H15
po$t H4V3 1 hOur PHR0m +H31r pH1r$+ loGin +0 sw1+CH t0 U5in9 +3LN3t.

to cL4RIphy +h3 DEF1N1+10N 0ph @ mUD Cl1enT: 1t 15 4ny pr09r@m WHICH Tr4N$PhORms
+h3 1npUT J00 +RAN5mI+ +O tHE MuD Or +EH 0u+pu+ J00 9eT phr0m +he MuD 1N 4
M@NN3r DIffereN+ phr0m pl41n +ELN3T $0 +haT j00 (oR tH3 Mud) w1ll p3RC31Ve I+
diFFeREnTlY tH4n Teh D@+4 cOm1ng +HroUgH PLa1n +3LN3T. +HerepHORE, N0+ onlY
de$1GN4tEd Mud cL1eN+5 l1Ke p0wW0W 4nD jmc 4RE 1LL3g4l, 8U+ 4l5O @ v@rie+y oF
0tH3R W@Y5 1N wh1ch j00 c0uld 4CH13Ve $1mIl4r Re5Ul+$ - suCH 4$, pROGR@mm1n9
Or u$IN9 5M@R+ eDI+0r$, u$IN9 YouR 5HELl 1N Cr3@+Iv3 w4y5, 3tc.

3VerY M4joR 0PeR4T1N9 $Y5t3m COME5 w1Th 4 TELn3+ @PPliC4+1oN. IPH Y0Ur +3Ln3T
@PPlIC@+1oN 15 UN5@t15PH4ct0ry, 4mong TH3 otH3R5 j00 M4Y W@nT +0 +ry Ou+ On3
oF tHe pH0lLOW1ng:

- +ER4teRm, @ FR3e (4Nd orIgin@Lly OPEN-5OurCe) +ELNEt ANd 5$H PH0R wInd0wS,
  4v@1L4bl3 4T:

- PUTtY, 4N0THER phR33 op3n-$OurC3 WiN32 TELne+ 4ND 55H cl13n+:

1ph J00 H4VE D0uBT$ 4$ +O wh3tHER YOur +3Ln3t 4ppliC4+10N pr0vIde$ onLy N0rm4l
FUncTioN4l1+Y, PL34$E cON+4CT @ V+ fOR 4n eXPl4n@tIoN.

+0 coMp3n54T3 FOR tHe lo55 0ph l3GI+Im@T3 cl13N+ PHUNc+i0n4lITY, th3 pH0lLOwIN9
fe@+ure$ w1lL 5oOn be 1Mpl3mENt3D iN mume:

- V@R148l3$ (iN @ LIM1+eD nUMb3R 0PH $LOT5)
- th3 481lIty t0 U5E v4rI4BlE$ 1N cOMm4NDs 4Nd aLi45E5
- tEh 48iL1+y T0 $UbmiT MUlTIPl3 coMm4nDS $3p4r@t3D 8y 5EMI-COLOn5 @+ 0Nc3
  (Of C0uR$E, +3H 9Am3 W1lL 3xecu+E E4CH 0F ThEM Af+3R +H3 @PPrOpri4tE DElAy)
- po55i8LY M0R3

WE hop3 tH4t +h1s m3a$UR3 W1LL leT U5 m4k3 MUM3 4 8E+T3r PL4Ce by 84NNin9
C3r+@IN k1ND5 0f aBUSe @Nd m@kING 1t 34$1ER PH0R p3oPlE +O C0mp3+E W1TH e@ch
0THER 3V3n 1f they D0 N0t h4V3 4CCe55 +O @ w3LL-pRoGR4mMED mUD