Major Land Shifts...

Date:Sat Apr 12 05:42:43 2003
Long long ago ere the World was made, all the Ainur were called together by Eru
to make a Great Music. But Melkor wove into the harmonies matters of his own
imagining that were not in accord with the theme of Ilúvatar, seeking therein
to increase his own power and glory. Then Eru caused all that had been sung to
be made visible before them, a World that began to unfold its history, living
and growing. Yet the discord of Melkor remained a part of the music and in time
it manifested itself in lands that were quite out of key with the song of the
lands all about them. Seeing this, Manwë Súlimo called upon the Valar, and bade
them to renew their song and bring harmony to those dissonant lands.

After long months of toil, the northeastern reaches of the South Downs have
finally been reshaped. Travellers are warned to beware as they journey between
the Ford and the Inn on the way to Moria.

Vanidor, Creston, Fëanor, Lilleman and Yavanna, with additional material by
Yants and Ressaven.

Draught, Vanidor, Yavanna

Gothmog, Axel, Scar, Thor, Nienor

Quillis, Loden, Rana, Maedhros, Vanidor, Draught, Fëanor

Miscellaneous help:
Indigo, Námo

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Frór, without whom this area would never have opened!