Changes to Zaugurz justice

Date:Fri Jul 18 23:05:06 2003
By the orders of the chieftain, the Zaugurz orcs have adapted for their ends
some of the practices of the whiteskins. 

Rumour has it that their sworn enemies, the Tarkhnarb orcs, watch their 
progress as closely as they can and might adopt this new order should it prove

Out of character, this means the follows:

- Zaugurz justice should now function similarly to the justice of the cities of
  Free People.
- If you attack a Zaugurz mobile, you will be asked to leave a few times and 
  then will become wanted.
- Unlike in the cities of the Free People, you cannot follow a guard to jail.
- Dying to the guards will make them forget your crimes.
- Typing 'complain' will tell you if you are wanted.
- Weapon-wielding and attacking fellow players should not be considered 

Please report any anomalies in the justice of Zaugurz caves (or even justice 
of the other cities) that you may notice following this change.

Please report also any Zaugurz justice messages that do not sound very 
orc-like. Proposals of better messages would be very much appreciated.