Poisons, Breath of Briskness, Alertness and More

Date:Tue Aug 12 20:26:44 2003
- The effects of poison and disease are now independent of ticks.
  A powerful poison will now affect its victims 5-6 times per RL minute
  (the total damage remains unchanged). This might make some poisons
  slightly more troublesome.

- When casting 'breath of briskness', part of the extra movement points
  are granted immediately. The remaining bonus is spread over the next few
  minutes RL. The spell can be used to improve movement regeneration for
  a character who is already at full moves, but its duration is not cumulative.
  Orkish draughts will soon change in a similar way.

- A high alertness level (see "change alertness") increases your chances of
  noticing what happens while you're fighting in a melee. (Please note that,
  at the moment, alertness is the only factor affecting this).

- The 'armour' spell should now protect spellcasters against falling debris
  from their own earthquakes.

- Some new classes are available (see "change class").

As usual, some tweaks might be necessary in the next few days.