Stealing MUME

Date:Fri Dec 19 14:22:52 2003
Since this apparently is not implicitly obvious, let me explain
clearly, that we do not look kindly on anyone stealing the contents of
MUME. This includes:

 * Copying descriptions, in-game books, zone layouts, etc.

 * Copying stats and flags of objects, monsters, and rooms.

 * Stealing the MUME source code, including C, mudlle, and behaviour

We are, of course, OK with creating logs and similar, but if you do
this in order to make your own version of MUME, we will get upset.

"Upset" means that we will remove all your characters from the game,
bansite you perpetually, or similar.

There are ways around getting us upset. You can, for example, get
written permission from Manwë to do parts of the above. Ask first, or
I won't ask first either...

- Dáin