Re: Retirement

Date:Sun Jan 18 17:02:02 2004
The rationale of this change is that non-legends can have not enough experience
of MUME mechanics to select their stats and skills, and hence should be allowed
to tweak their chars reasonably fast.

On the contrary, legends not only are owned by players who master these
mechanics, but also are more competitive than non legends. By "fixing" a legend
within a set of stats (and to a smaller extent to a set of skills, but skills
can still be decayed), I hope to reduce the gap between the power players and 
the rest. 

After all, this change makes sense from a RP point of view (although it 
shouldn't be seen as an excuse to justify it - the change indeed targets MUME
balance): a legendary character has to conform to his renown and shouldn't
change characteristics quickly...