News from the east of Moria

Date:Sun Jan 18 20:42:13 2004
Eagles were the first to bring messages from beyond the dreaded Moria and the
snow-covered Redhorn Pass. Cartographers, on hearing them, shook their heads in
disbelief, yet updated the maps according to their stories. 

Soon, the first travellers to brave the terrors of Moria or the freezing 
heights of Redhorn, confirmed that the stories were indeed true: that indeed, 
the golden forest of Lórien is not as impassable as it used to be, and that
passage is now possible for elven folk and for their travelling companions to 
the very Naith and to the city of Caras Galadhon.

Credits for the creation of the inner Golden Wood go to:

Builders:               Nugle, Aredhel, Chicken, Fëanor, Nienor

Second chief,           
Celeborn's secretary:   Fëanor

Mudllers:               Mint, Vivriel, Frór, Dáin, Thor, Nienor

Proofreaders:           Ria, Eärendel (no typo)

Extra design help:      Rik, Ferumbras

Our thanks go also to Frór, Yavanna, and Námo for their priceless help.