My views on donating to FIRE

Date:Tue Feb 3 20:43:43 2004
We need about USD 4500 to buy a good machine to run MUME on, with some
room for paying for bandwidth the day we cannot be hosted for free
anymore, and to be able to buy spare parts if anything breaks.

So far, a few people have been interested in helping out
financially. I am personally Very grateful to those who have, since
the current machine is really getting too old to depend on, and we
really need some new hardware that will last us a few years more.

It is, however, very disappointing that we still haven't got more than
two thirds of what we need in order to be able to afford a new
machine. For now we are sort of OK with the current machine (as long
as there is no disk crash, since we don't have space for real
backups), but the day it breaks down without a replacement, MUME is
very likely to be permanently closed.

I doubt anyone in the management will feel encouraged enough to bother
trying to find a replacement at that point, given the low interest we
see from most players today.

Not only is this money meant as an investment in the stability and
survival of the game; a new machine would also allow us to develop
MUME in more interesting ways, making mobiles more intelligent,
expanding the world, allowing more storage for players (e.g.,
providing room for more aliases and what not), etc.

I know I am trying to guilt-trip you here, but if you can afford, say,
$10, that would be very welcome. Given the amount of players we have,
it would actually be more than enough if everyone did that.

Thank you,