Refugees from the Wilderness

Date:Tue Feb 24 21:11:24 2004
In days of old, legends did build great country manors east of the Brandywine
River, outside the city limits of any town.  In their pride, some of them
built great towers and buildings of strange design.  Many of these domains
did occupy many square miles of the terrain, and distorted space itself
in a manner suggesting the work of the Great Enemy in marring the face of
Arda from the beginning.  Others built more modest and proper retreats.

In these days, however, all those lands are infested by the creatures of
Sauron the Enemy, and these homes have been haunted by orcs, trolls,
and evil sorcerers.  The guards and housekeepers of these homes can no longer
be asked to work under such conditions.  It is not likely that any captain
of the West could maintain a home against the constant depredations of
such foes.

Evacuations are being organized from these areas and will begin two years
from today.  The traditional homes of elves, dwarves, halflings, and men
have stretched out their hands to receive their fellows who are moving inside
their city walls.  In addition, the Dunedain of Fornost have offered to
allow any refugee from the wilderness to rebuild in that city.

People traveling in those areas should expect, over the coming years, to find
that the homes are no longer there, and that the owners, if they can be
located, are living elsewhere.  It is likely that previously unnoticed
tracts of land will be discovered.

Owners of homes in these lands will receive notices when evacuation from
their regions is imminent.  These notices will detail their options.  No one
is called upon to take any action until a notice has been sent to him or her.

We express gratitude for the help of all in these critical times.