Re: Donation progress!

Date:Mon Mar 8 12:17:43 2004
Great news!

Currently we have received little over $4,400 in the donation process. :-)

The machine mentioned in News 2083 will arrive at the FIRE location this week,
and I'm sure Ilie will try to get a time slot for the install as soon as
possible. No guarantees on when we will see the new system up and running
though, as I'm not sure how much work it is doing the data transfer.

As noted previously, the machine ordered lacks backup disks. However with
the cash we have left on the balance there is definately a budget for some
kind of (IDE) backup disks.


A warm and big thank you to all of you who supported the development and
survival of MUME.

If you haven't donated and you still feel like becoming a FIRE member and 
pitching in a little, please do. 

There is always room for more backup space, or money to cover future fees 
and maintenance costs (for more information see

Even the smallest contribution means a lot!


The member registry will get a final update within a week or two. If you have
wired money to the bank account mentioned on the donation page and you didn't
mail us your RL name, please do so if you wish to be on the FIRE member list.