Board moderation

Date:Thu Apr 1 00:52:10 2004
Messages on MUME boards (both mortal and immortal) are now moderated by a
slashdot-style system (see

In short, any message on a board now gets a moderated score from -1 to 5, which
depends on the message's content, on the poster's karma (his posting history), 
and on the score assigned by the moderators. Messages with score -1 will be 
invisible to anyone but the moderators. Some messages will also get a text
rating (for example, Informative, Funny, Troll).

We are planning to copy slashdot's policy of banning abusers. As on slashdot, 
if a single user is moderated down more than once in a short time frame, he 
may get banned from posting for a few days.