Powerful magic items

Date:Wed Jul 14 04:47:08 2004
The Black Númenórean Sage from the Redhorn is now on a holy quest to free Arda
from those powerful magic items that give the weaklings of the West an edge 
over the warriors of the Dark Lord.

So far, the rewards for these items are mostly gold and orkish draughts. 
Rumours have it that some lucky bastards that came to the Sage with 
particularly rare and exquisite items went away with more than Sage's token 

Not to be left behind, the captain of the Zaugurz outpost, Bulgôtha, decided 
to offer similar assistance in dispensing of these appalling artifacts, having
realised that the brave Zaugurz are much more likely to come by such objects 
than their faint-hearted brethren.