News from the South (Vairë) (Amandil)

Date:Mon Nov 1 18:51:16 2004

After many long years of rumours and wild stories from the South and East, the
veil over Nan Curunír and the Riddermark has started to lift - rolling gently
back towards the east and revealing the eaves of the deep, enchanted forest of 

Intrepid explorers may now travel through the Gap of Rohan into the green
fields of the Mark and take a glimpse of the mighty tower of Orthanc, within
the circle of Isengard.

But beware - the Rohirrim guarding the Fords of Isen are wary of strangers,
and the White Wizard welcomes no one into his Keep.

Travel these lands as you please, but tread lightly. It is not wise to meddle
in the affairs of Wizards or to rouse the anger of the Horse-Lords!

/Fëanor, Vairë, and Amandil


And to the people who made this possible, our most sincere thanks!

Building         - Axel, Calmacil, Gonfor, Loden, Mandor, and Trent

More building    - Blimb, Chay, Firebolt, Karlsburg, and Svex

Proofreading and other contributions -
                   Aielë, Almarian, Ausir, Belegor, Conklin,
                   Feagil, Foobitz, Harad, Liliah, Naga, and Voile

Storyline        - Aredhel, Ghostly, and Trent

Mudlle           - Arla, Axel, Mint, Nienor, Scar, and Thor

Supervision      - Fëanor, Vairë, and Amandil

More supervision - Eärendil, Eolung, Ghostly, and Námo

Review           - Frór, Námo, Nienor, and Yavanna