Tales from the south

Date:Mon Feb 7 09:54:35 2005
Rumours are spreading that the ancient watcher of Ost-in-Edhil, the High
Daedeltir, is troubled by yet another burden. The faithful servants are
short an Acolyte, long overdue after an arduous journey through ancient

An escapee from the fortified village of Wulfston bore horrible tidings
to the Rohir garrison at the River Isen. Foul experiments are being
conducted upon innocent captives and captured beasts in a hidden area
beneath the village. Not many details were unveiled before the greatly
disfigured and twisted fugitive died, but the mere sight of him and the
horror behind his eyes were enough for the Marshal to issue a warning
for all travellers.

These rumours where spread by a host of the ainur -  Scar, Quillis,
Fror, Namo, Nienor and Feanor.