The new Age of Arda

Date:Fri Apr 1 00:21:21 2005
Greetings, my minions, new and old.

At long last I am free of the Timeless Void, where my misguided brother
Manwë had exiled me: now I come back to my rightful place as ruler and Lord
of Arda.

Of those who caused my previous defeat, those who could die are now dead.
Those who could not, I cast into a mortal form, which I doubt will be to
their liking. As for my sibling, he took punishment in kind for his past
deeds: he lies forever in the Abyss, bound and gagged.

As my strength increased, my loyal allies, Gothmog and Phier, grew in 
power. They will aid and advise me in ruling Arda.

I have no need of weak-minded thralls of my brother, but I will pardon all
those immortal and mortal beings who were loyal to me and had to go into 
my brother's service to bide their time until my return. I will reward those 
whose wisdom and knowledge may be of use in ruling what was so unjustly taken 
away from me and then ignored.

The new Age begins today. We will shape Arda that was forgotten by its old
rulers and fell into decay, lacking my part of the Music.