Travel Points

Date:Mon Aug 1 20:38:11 2005
Gaining travel points now depends, much more than before, on the places you
have already visited.

- You gain points by visiting places *you* haven't been to in the past few
  MUME weeks. This means, running to the nearest legend home every time you
  log in will grant fewer points than before. Walking through those hills
  you haven't visited in a while, on the other hand, will give more - even if
  other players have just been there.

- Beside the points you gain from going to places you haven't seen in a while,
  there is now a consistent bonus for the first time you ever visit a new zone.
  You gain this bonus even if you remain on the main road. For example, walking
  from Fornost to the Grey Havens should grant you about 1500 travel points
  the first time you do it.

- To compensate for the new-zone bonus, the tp requirement to gain new levels
  has been increased. As a consequence, high level characters may find
  themselves short of a few thousand tps for their current level.
  If you are in this situation, my suggestion is - before taking any risks,
  make a quick walk around Arda to gain your first-visit zone bonus. No
  reimbursements will be given if you disregard this advice, die and lose
  a level because of missing tps.

As usual, expect some tuning in the next days.