Subject:Some small changes
Date:Sun Sep 25 17:03:39 2005
- The "reborn" command now clears the travel trophy of sundead Trolls, as well
  as the experience trophy

- The death cry message has been changed. Not that this should affect you:
  since it's the same message for PCs and NPCs, you shouldn't have any client
  #actions that depend on it...

- Some locks on Arda have a random difficulty level that used to change at
  every zone reset. From now on, the difficulty level will only change if
  the zone reset actually *locks* the door - if it's already locked,
  difficulty will remain the same.

- When a 'watch room' spell expires, you will see the key of the target room
  (thanks to Funz for the idea)

- At the end of one's trophy, MUME now displays the total number of kills
  and the total number of distinct kills (thanks to Sigil for the idea)

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