Tales from the Forest of Fangorn (Vaire)

Date:Mon Dec 26 20:00:25 2005
Tales are spreading through Arda of a lone man having entered the Forest
of Fangorn and coming out alive again. For ages none have ventured into
the strange and foreboding forest, as those who had dared were seldom heard
from again. The survivor's ramblings were barely coherent, but what could
be understood were tales of the forest itself attacking his camp, thrashing
tree limbs running up and down, confusing and twisting paths, and an
eerie feeling of being completely isolated and alone yet constantly being
watched. From this tale it seems entering the forest is now possible;
however, one should not be hasty in deciding to venture forth.

Belegor, Chauncey, Everminda, Harad, Isildyr, Isoldir, Jahara, Karlsburg, Kril,
Liliah, Loden, Macabre, Pilois, and Tabris

Vairë and Amandil, helped by Draught, Námo, Trent, and Yavanna

Avitar, Arla, Dáin, Frór, and Nienor

Anólad, Aielë, Badin, Caesar, Djinn, Firebolt, Grimble, Gruenthar,
Sarinda, Saeth, and Yeoma

Thanks also go to Manwë for allowing us to undertake this project and for
his invaluable assistance at its onset.