Re: Climbing

Date:Sun Feb 26 13:22:14 2006
It is now possible to choose between three different ways to approach climb

"Climb always": shown as "C" in your prompt. When faced with a climb exit, you
                will always attempt it, regardless of its difficulty or the
                potential damage.

"Climb safe": shown as "c" in your prompt. You will try to climb only when it
              is reasonably safe to do so: for example when the climb is easy,
              when it is difficult but falling wouldn't hurt you much, or when
              (due to the presence of a tied rope) you are safe from falling.

"Climb off": you will not try to climb at all.

The "climb" command, without parameters, will toggle between "climb off" and
whatever you used last between "climb always" and "climb safe".

Regardless of your climb settings, you can always use "climb <direction>" to
attempt a specific climb.