XML output

Date:Tue Apr 4 14:17:21 2006
I hope to see the offspring of a new generation of clients whose interface
will be more accessible to players not really at ease with a telnet interface
(e.g., a window for narrates & such, another for current room info, a third
for the known map of the surroundings, etc).

Thus, in order to provide some semantics to MUME's output that can be (more) 
easely parsed by your clients, MUME output can now be XML:ised.

The command "change xml" toggles between normal and xml output.

When XML mode is enabled the following XML tags are issued:

<prompt>...</prompt>           : MUME prompt

<room>...</room>               : Room region
<name>...</name>               : Room name
<description>...</description> : Room description
<terrain>...</terrain>         : Room terrain information
<magic>...</magic>             : Room Magic info (portal, detect magic, watched)
<exits>...</exits>             : Exits (autoexits or manual command)

<movement dir=direction/>      : Movement in given dir
<movement/>                    : Movement in an unknown (or unapplicable) dir

<tell>...</tell>               : tell
<say>...</say>                 : say
<narrate>...</narrate>         : narrate
<song>...</song>               : song
<pray>...</pray>               : pray
<shout>...</shout>             : shout
<yell>...</yell>               : yell
<emote>...</emote>             : emote

<hit>...</hit>                 : hit (given)
</damage>...</damage>          : damage (recieved)

<weather>...</weather>         : weather message

More tags will probably be needed. Report the lacking ones with the 'idea xml'

Note that no XML tag should grant an info that you would not have in non-xml 
mode. Please bug report if some info leaked through...