Action and Punishment

Date:Tue Jul 25 19:02:31 2006
As everyone who has read our rules knows, it is illegal to have
actions (including mapper actions) that automatically inform your
client about the names of hidden doors and make it possible to alias
or keybind actions on these doors without your participation (in PK

Specifically, the following is clearly illegal:

- Your mapper gets the hidden door names out of its database when you
  enter the room, sets them to your door variables, and allows you to
  open a hidden door in a certain direction.

- Same, only you manually have to hit an alias saying 'please make
  keybindings or aliases for hidden doors here'.

While these variants are not:

- Your mapper shows you the doorname of a hidden door in a room, but
  does nothing further to it. You manually type it in, setting it to a
  door variable.

- Same, except that instead of setting it to a door variable, you use
  an alias involving that particular door.

We are aware that a significant part of legend population has been
using illegal door actions for the past few years, but since we
haven't exactly been diligent with punishing those who have, we
understand that some may even believe that this is legal.

To show our infinite leni^H^H^H^Hbenevolence, we will not punish
people for actions predating this news post.

- Dain