Changes in melee fighting

Date:Sat Oct 14 09:15:47 2006
Characters will now behave in a slightly more clever way during melee fights.

Most noticeably, if your opponent has a weak spot in his defence (for example
is wearing full metal armour without a helmet), you will concentrate your
attacks on that body part. Conversely, if you have a weak spot in your defence,
you will concentrate your efforts in protecting that body part - making
yourself slightly more vulnerable to attacks on more protected body parts.

The overall result is that both attacker and defender will try to take
advantage of the opponent's weaknesses and behaviour, instead of targeting
randomly as it happened before the change.

The behaviour described above is automatic: there is no need for players
to aim at specific body parts during a fight. If the defender is wearing
homogeneous armour (or no armour at all!) then there are no differences
with respect to the previous system.

Moreover, if you are already engaged in an intense fight with an opponent,
possibly chasing each other from room to room, you will no longer be
subjected to extended reaction delays due to being attacked first.

The purpose of this change is to make the game slightly more fair to those
with slow link, and also to make a flee-hit strategy less appealing.
Note that the net effect of this will be more noticeable for slower weapons.

- Fror and Dain