The new dawn of Arda

Date:Sun Apr 1 06:27:57 2007
As MUME's newest implementor, I am pleased to announce the long-awaited arrival

.|>. We have decided that the game needs a new direction. For too long MUME has
 |>  followed the path of the other MUDs, sacrificing roleplay for 
     hack-and-slash. From now on, we will direct our full attention towards
     enforcing roleplay.

Here is the list of the changes that will be effective on the next reboot. 
Other changes, as well as rules enforcing roleplay, are currently being 

- We are removing all non-Tolkienish forms of communication: tell, narrate, 
  sing, and shout.

- We are removing long-range transportation spells: teleport, word of recall,
  and portal. No practice resets will be given; you will have to use the train
  command to get rid of these practices.

- Hobbits will no longer be able to bash or use magic.

We hope that this new direction will breathe life into the game and help us
attract new players.