News from Lóthlorien

Date:Sun May 20 13:45:32 2007
"Then he looked eastward and saw all the land of Lórien running down to the
 pale gleam of Anduin, the Great River. He lifted his eyes across the river
 and all the light went out, and he was back again in the world he knew.
 Beyond the river the land appeared flat and empty, formless and vague, until
 far away it rose again like a wall, dark and drear. The sun that lay on
 Lothlórien had no power to enlighten the shadow of that distant height."
 (Frodo in FotR, Chapter 6, Lothlórien)

The Elves of Lórien may regard the eastern lands warily...but the brave souls
willing to travel outside the borders of the Golden Wood can soon see for
themselves. New adventures await!

- Sung

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