Recent modifications

Date:Mon Mar 10 20:56:14 2008
Mar 11:
 o Legends (26+) will no longer autodelete, other chars will live
    level * (level - 1) + 14 days before autodeletion (was: (level - 1) * 5)

Mar 10:
  o Tons of internal fixes, no player visible results (hopefully)

Mar 9:
  o Mandos sleep modified to "shadow of death" - you can now enter the world,
    but with  debilitating penalties. Same duration for now.
  o Age modifiers were improved for young people.
  o You can unretire at any time. You will be sent back to the room
     you retired in if you unretire after less than 30 days.
  o wizlist split in "wizlist" and "wizretired". also updated them.

Mar 8:
  o /command for putting objects in objects fixed (zone reset issues)
  o Passwords with spaces in them work on forum/wiki

- Ilie