Fear spell modified

Date:Fri Mar 14 21:30:51 2008
This spell might not be used 1000 times a day, but anyway:

o Fear now works in about 50 cases it didn't work, most importantly:
  - fear works properly on people who are sleeping, resting and sitting
  - you can fear people while they are doing non-cancellable delayed actions,
    (such as rescue, rescue lag, teleport jetlag, movement lag,
     being bashed, being held, ...)

o Fear also fears people in berserk mood. This might affect your Moria plans.

o Fear is now considered an aggressive spell, so it will trigger justice,
  and all those who save the spell will start attacking the fearer

Oh and also retired legend will show up as "retired" in the account
list instead of as "never".

- Ilie