Thief skill updates

Date:Thu Mar 20 23:43:03 2008
Escape has been improved substantially.

Flee has been tuned a bit, panic dration is shortened a bit, and flee
has a chance (depending on the level of your opponents) to give you a
short nosneak effect.

Reveal, Flush, and Search should be better at stopping immediately if
you discover someone who was hidden by any means.

If someone who is hidden leaves the room sneaking, people who are
currently revealing, flushing or searching have a chance to detect
that the sneaker tries to leave.

Track has been improved a bit. If you are following a track and enter
a room where you cannot track, you will stop tracking
immediately. Also, if you enter a room where your victim has hidden,
you have a chance of detecting him immediately, and if that fails, a
chance to detect that the person is somewhere in the same room.

- Ilie