Grave news from Lothlorien

Date:Sun Aug 10 15:07:28 2008
Recent stories from Lothlórien tell the tale of how some visitors viewing the 
Mirror of Galadriel have turned into mindless shells -  breathing and living,
yet slowly fading away to the grief of the Galadhrim. Because of the nature of 
the aid that the mirror has to offer, the Lady Galadriel does not turn away 
those seeking counsel but has vowed to keep a vigil over anyone viewing the 
visions displayed. 

Author and Sv:     Fëanor
Builder:           Aredhel
Assistant builder: Ausir
Mudlle:            Mint, Frór, Gothmog
Testing:           Yeoma, Déor, Mandor, Sung, Gruenthar, Timodeus, Alkar, Force