New ways to spend your money...

Date:Mon Dec 8 10:06:07 2008
Those of you who are of the investigating type will discover that a few new
shops have opened on Arda. They are more of the 'shady' type, therefore do not
care that much about the official opening times.

The mayor of Bree has to say this about those rumours: 
Fellow citizens, I heard news about blackmarkets in our city and received
similar information from the authorities in Fornost. Also, we received 
complaints from honest travellers who apparently had to pay insane prices to
some old man while they were travelling in the elven lands, to the west.

Beware of those shady people who do not pay taxes to us, who do not care for
our well-planned opening times. It might sound appealing to be able to shop
whenever you want - but those greedy creatures will demand prices that are 
beyond what we allow our honest merchants to take!