Killing White Side Towns

Date:Sun Mar 21 15:34:22 2010
Because the code of MUME justice cannot handle the slaying of entire towns in
an appropiate in-character way, it is illegal to raze those towns as white
side character.
The towns in question are the white side towns that are represented by a
letter on "map g" - plus the Shire and the Lorien environments in the
protected part of the forest; razing Tharbad is quite evil but ok.

Offenders to this rule will have broken RULES ABUSE and will face demotions.
For further information why this is seen as it is read justice 137.

The characters who got jailed last Sunday will be freed; consider this to be a
clear warning to everyone. The two people who had been warned previously,
and incidentally were leaders in this, will suffer a drastically reduced base
alignment for a full RL year (until 21st March 2011).