Time of the server got changed

Date:Sat Aug 7 15:18:31 2010
The time of the MUME server was wrong (too many hours in the future). That
just got fixed but has a somewhat nasty side effect:

If you have rented before the change, say at "time X" this time has now (with
the changed time) not yet been reached. So from the (current) game's
perspective, you "logging of" happens in the future. 

This breaks all kinds of things - for example, the game might think you still
play this char or even SEVERAL of your chars, e.g. if you logged one two hours
ago and the other one hour ago. And this prevents you from logging characters
(apparently it is still possible to log Ainur).

The problem SHOULD go away when the current time has reached "time X"...

... at least that is what I hope. If not, someone with more clue than me has
to fix your accounts.