New LH-area in Bree and adjusted prices

Date:Mon Jun 27 12:47:06 2011
A new Legend Home area has opened in Bree, Combe Street.

Credits go to Antti for building the area.

There are also some slight adjustments in HELP LEGEND HOME PRICES:

  * The first room in the Grey Havens as well as in the Blue Mountains has
    become slightly cheaper than before (1300 instead of 1500 gold); the price
    for further rooms is still 1500 shiny pieces of gold.

  * In the Grey Havens your home can have up to three rooms (instead of two).

  * Rivendell now allows a second room - for the steep price of 3000 gold. The
    price for the first room (2000 gold) is unaffected by this.