Freedom of information

Date:Mon Apr 1 00:00:01 2013
For years the Valar have had a monopoly on "reserved" information about
all of us. This is going to change RIGHT NOW!

We found out that MUME is still using the original encryption system set up
by Eru Iluvatar (128 rounds of ROT13) instead of upgrading to the current
standard of 512 rounds. Thanks to this, we were able to crack into the
extensive network of Palantír stones that the Valar are using to keep track
of our whereabouts, and make it available to anyone for free use!!!!!

Type "scry" or "aerial" and enjoy unfettered access to the Palantir network.

Brought to you by Anúmenónymous, standing for transparency and freedom of
information in all of Arda!