Re: Freedom of information

Date:Tue Apr 2 14:47:16 2013
During this year, our almost traditional April Fools was built around the theme
of hacker Anumenonymous (A) taking over MUME, at least partially. A. provided
two commands available to any characters: 'scry' - showing random player's room
on your screen, and sending a message to the scried person about this, and
'aerial', showing an aerial illustration of terrain around player's location. 

Main purpose of April Fools is to provide some sillyness for one day, as a
unique refresher that takes place only on that one day. 

In addition to that, we actually wanted to see what happens when players become
suddenly much more aware of each other. Would they spam to scry location like
heatseeking missiles, or would they start avoiding all places E of BWB, would
big hunting squads be established, would someone use scry as an false alarms to
draw attention to somewhere else? 

We thank specifically Frór of Erebor, and also the rest of the involved ainur
for making it happen.