Recent minor changes (Newbies, Arda map, climbing, OFR webs)

Date:Sat Dec 14 23:04:31 2013
Informing everyone about the following changes:

As of next boot, newbies will get a hint if they try to 'open' a gate when they
should be using 'say open' / 'call' instead.

Waba has created and posted a MUME advertisement posts on TMC and on
mudconnector, and Tempuntekijä has provided a nice Arda map for these MUME/OFR
announcements. See:
Everyone is encouraged to logon to these sites and post your comments about the
game. More comments there are more attractive impression one gets.

Some old legacy bugs related to group-climbing with a rope have been fixed.
Informing everyone that these things do not "work" anymore:
You will not be saved by someone with a rope at the bottom of a climb.
You will no longer be helped when climbing while following someone with a rope
who's too busy to assist you.

Pouring oil on webs on Old Forest Road: It is now possible to pour from flasks
that are equipped in addition of those that are carried. The flask's weight is
now updated correctly.

Best regards, the management