News from the Shire

Date:Sat Jan 4 14:19:16 2014
The crafty fisher-hobbits of Dwaling, unsatisfied with the capacity of their
beasts of burden, have began breeding ponies better suited for hauling their
goods to Hobbiton and beyond. Hobbits renowned for their keen knowledge of
horse breeding have expressed their surprise at the new ponies, or Dales-ponies
as they have become known. Not only are the creatures well-suited for hauling
heavy loads, they are pleasant to ride. Hobbits all over shire have also noted
that the ponies appear to be of outstanding wit, as they cannot seem to stand
being around big folks or other outsiders.

Angry voices are now being raised in many an ale-house, because the Dwalingers
sure seem to charge well for their mounts.

OOC: Small folks should now have a reasonably useful mount.

Credits for contributions to:

Original idea, writing........  :  Force

Mudlle........................  :  Thor, Waba

Misc help and finishing.......  :  Rogon

Arata supervisors.............  :  Frór (Am), Timodeus (Az)