Re: Inequality on MUME

Date:Wed Apr 2 06:33:21 2014
Of course, Ms. Clupea and decree AF/2014/4/1 were part of our traditional
April Fool.

For those who missed on the fun:

- In order to comply with the decree, all races were subject to sundeath...
  well, sort of: here is what the unfortunate victims saw.

    The sun burns you! You slowly turn into stone.
    The sun burns you! You slowly turn into stone.
    The sun burns you! You slowly turn into stone.
    The sun burns you quite badly! OUCH! That REALLY HURT!
    The sun burns you extremely badly! OUCH! That REALLY REALLY HURT!
    OK, the sun is not actually burning you, but could you please pretend it is?
    Based on Decree AF/2014/41 you should have turned to stone by now.
    PLEASE start acting as a statue or we will be in REAL TROUBLE!!!

  ... and finally...

    A gang of Dwarves, wearing orange coveralls with reflective stripes and
    Bureau of Equality Enforcement badges, rushes in lugging a huge block of

    The Head Dwarf tells you, 'Stand still a moment and pretend you're in pain'

    The Dwarves quickly carve a statue looking just like you.

    The Head Dwarf tells you, 'Now please report to BEE for demotion to
    level 1.'
    The Head Dwarf tells you, 'Thanks for complying with Decree AF/2014/41,
    have a nice day!'

    The Dwarves disappear in a cloud of smoke.

- The "mandatory awareness sessions" held by Dr. Bert, Department of Psychology
  of Angmar University, were of course a red herring. The dinner after the
  conference, however, was not - Bert and his brothers Bill and Tom had the
  most delicious dinners ever, feeding on the unfortunate adventurers who
  actually followed the signs leading to their cave and left themselves
  defenceless by dropping their armour and weapons outside...

- In addition, some famous characters from the past (not playing since 200x)
  made a comeback and started narrating now and then, about some not really
  recent events.

We hope you had fun; thank you to all who contributed, and looking forward
to next year's April Fool.