2455 Recent minor changes (Promotions, Giants, Object Weight, Mirkwood)

Date:Sun Jun 1 16:58:57 2014
1. Once huge stone giants all across Arda got through their fear of the
   dark, and stopped closing their eyes the minute the sun went down, they
   realised that they could in fact see in the dark!

2. We have adjusted the weight of many rings, necklaces and such items, in
   total 30+ objects were changed, in most of the cases this meant reducing
   the object's weight. The changes were initiated by Arfang, in order to
   define the different weight settings in more holistic way.

3. We congratulate Elfan on his promotion to Mw.

4. The entrance to Mirkwood has been made a bit more complicated, as as large
   tree has fallen on the road. Everyone planning to enter will first have to
   make their way through it.