Recent minor changes (Promotion, Compare, Boards, Herblores, Practice)

Date:Sun Sep 28 16:05:38 2014
1. We congratulate Orlanth on his promotion to Maia Builder.

2. "Compare" Command (Elfan)
   Players can now compare weapons to find their relative strengths and
   weaknesses (see HELP COMPARE). This is the first feature by a Mudlling Maia.

   Credits: Elfan (mudlle), Rogon (idea), and Waba (mudlle supervision).

3. Boards Message Ordering (Dáin)
   Boards will now list the threads that have the most recent posts last.

4. "Herblores" Command Syntax (Dáin)
   You can finally abbreviate herblore names with the "herblores" command:
     > herblores se
     Instructions for the Seeing herblore:

5. "Practice" Command Output (Dáin)
   Your skill level as described in "practice" outside guilds has been changed
   to better match what guild masters tell you about your skill level.
   This fixes a rounding error, where the perceived boundaries between skill
   levels didn't work correctly.

   Also, the output of "practice" outside a guild was tweaked a tiny bit.