XP Loss at PK Death

Date:Fri Mar 6 19:26:38 2015
The calculations of how much experience is lost due to PK death have changed.

In the previous system, the loss was always 1% of total XP.

Now the loss will be the smaller number of either 1% of total XP or 10% of what
the current level costs.

This means a significant reduction in PK XP loss for legends. As a side effect
it will be harder to reach the 100k cap for XP gain in PK if you are in a
group. This is because the XP distributed among the killers is related to the
XP lost by the victim.

P.S. No, you will not be reimbursed for deaths predating this change ;)

Credits, this post and subsequent posts today:
Code........ Waba
Concept..... Rogon
Misc help... Nienor, Dain, Antti, Ryalnos, Orlanth