Perception and Natural Armour

Date:Fri Mar 6 19:27:31 2015

Perception is now a more attractive stat to have whilst playing MUME.

Your perception and your weapon skill combined will allow you to strike at a
gap or weakness in your opponent's armour. The two parameters are multiplied by
each other, so that having more of one makes the other more valuable.

The chance to strike a gap/weakness further increases if you are using a
piercing, stabbing, or missile weapon. Cleaving and slashing weapons get a
smaller bonus. Crush, pound, and unarmed attacks receive only a base chance.

When striking a gap in an opponent's armour, you bypass it fully. When striking
a weakness, you bypass half of it. The chance to get either is 50/50, unless
you attack with a crushing or pounding weapon, or unarmed, in which case you
can only strike a weakness.

Magical armour is unaffected by these changes.

A word of caution; the same feature is in effect on mobiles.

Natural armour:

Various mobiles on Arda now sport natural armour that works the same way as
what PC trolls have.

You can expect to find that trolls, wolves, wargs, bears, and similar creatures
have tough hides. Ents and huorns have bark, reptiles and wyrms have scales,
and spiders have chitinous armour and so on.

When striking a creature (or PC troll) protected by its hide, you will only be
able to strike for a weakness. Other types of natural armour have gaps.

Just as with natural armour on PC trolls, the natural armour on mobiles reduces
spell damage.

We advice caution when engaging in combat; some mobiles might be more
challenging than before.