Re: Running out of space!

Date:Wed Apr 1 20:11:59 2015
As a follow-up to Elbereth's previous news, I'd like to update you on the
progress of the renovation works. The new wing of the Halls of Mandos is almost
ready and it will be opened shortly after testing. Mandos longs to welcome you
in his extended Halls and apologizes for not starting the new construction
long enough in advance.

For those who were severely wounded in the recent past and expected to lose
one or more levels as a result, I am available to provide redress. You
only need to send me a MUME-mail with the numbers of levels you should have
lost, and I will take care of the demotion.


P.S. things will return to normal about at the end of Solmath; there will be
no further warning.